Tasting history - traditional cooking classes

In this unspoilt corner of Italy there are dishes that date back centuries, but just a few local passionate amateur cooks ensure these endangered recipes are still prepared. Far away from the hectic of modern life you will be provided unique insights into tradition and cultural heritage.

Sipping culture - tours to wine cellars and castles

From spring to mid-fall the Langhe area shows a most fascinating landscape painted with magnificent colors and infinite sweetness.
There are as many paths to catch the diverse glimpses of the landscape as there are ways of driving through them: from vintage cars to jeeps, quads and luxury cars, it just depends on your mood.


A highly evocative and varied scenario will form the natural backdrop for this challenging teambuilding activity: the simulated war game. Provided with high-quality equipment (including camouflage clothing, airsoft guns, helmet, some foodstuff) and assisted by trained instructors, each participant will engage in a team challenge with strategic goals to achieve.

The trifulau’s secrets

A unique, most fascinating experience to be enjoyed together with one of that secretive breed of truffle hunters known as “trifulau”: guests will follow him and his hound through the woodlands in search of the finest produce of the region, the white truffle.
They will learn about an ancient and very secretive skill that is handed down through generations and participate in that unique relationship that links each “trifulau” and his tail-wagging trained professional.
For groups of 20 max.

Das Geheimnis der Trüffel

Eine einmalige Erfahrung voller Charme und Magie ist die Tradition der Trüffelsuche. In der morgendlichen Frische eines Herbsttages geht es, begleitet von einem Trüffelhund, durch die Wälder der Region auf der Suche nach dem „weißen Gold“ der Langhe.

(Maximale Gruppengröße 20 Personen)

A stepping out into nature

For those who prefer going greener we suggest walking tours and rides on horseback, donkeyback or mountain-bike along the old country roads and mule tracks that cross the area till the Maritime Alps. By slowing down, guests will really appreciate the hills and mountains that crown the Langhe.

Harvesting grapes like they used to 100 years ago

Grape harvest is among the great rituals in the Langhe. Guests will experience this by picking and pressing grapes the traditional way, thus capturing the joyful atmosphere of peasant life that used to linger in farmyards when grapes were crushed barefoot.

Weinlese wie vor 100 Jahren

Eine besondere Tradition in den Langhe hat die Weinlese. Die Ernte der Trauben in den Weinstöcken ist eine besondere Möglichkeit diese besondere Atmosphäre zu erleben. Das anschließende Auspressen der Trauben mit den bloßen Füßen ist ein besonderes Erlebnis und ein wahres Fest für alle Sinne.

(Maximale Gruppengröße 20 Personen)

Exploring different perspectives

Much more than a means of transport, hot-air ballooning is a thrilling experience with a bit of adventure. Each moment from when you help prepare the balloon for take off is rich in wonder and significance. The Langhe area is a mecca for hot-air balloon lovers, who come here from all over the world because of the lack of cold blasts, which allows for flights virtually all year round.

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